Since moving to Cambridge in 2009, I've had the pleasure of occasionally teaching design workshops at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. 


I met my wife while studying design in art school in Los Angeles (Roski School of Fine Arts at USC) and it was on the same campus as the architecture department, so I was able to walk around and see the work by the architecture students, which was pretty cool. I usually found the drawings and models very impressive, but when seeing the presentation boards, my designer brain would sometimes think they could use some advice.

So when we moved to Cambridge seven years ago for my wife to attend the GSD, I wondered if the students there could also use some advice regarding layout, typography, composition. Maybe some fancy movie-style Photoshop techniques. So I went ahead and offered a workshop, and they said "Oh absolutely! We'll pay you!" I was so happyI would've done it for free then, but I bit my tongue :)

Over the last several years, I've done about a dozen workshops on those very things, including multiple one on one portfolio reviews.