An exhibit of internationally-collected drawings of robots by children, but not childish.



My friends David Robert and Victor van den Bergh founded the Center for Children's Speculative Design in 2014.  Their mission is to promote the scholarly study, documentation and active involvement of children's ideas in the design process of alternate futures. 

One of their multi-year projects involves asking children from all over the world (Denmark, Germany, Russia, Tanzania, and the United States) to imagine a potential robot, and the results are quite frankly amazing.

Some robots eat trash, cure tooth pain, show pictures of cute animals, swap genders, have "good comebacks," observe wildlife without disruption, and find precious stones (in Tanzania).

The Children's Imagined Robots is the latest exhibition of over a hundred drawings at the Robophilosophy 2016 conference in Aarhus, Denmark. 
Despite the fact that these are drawings by children, the topics and contexts are relevant within many conversations. So the challenge here was to find a visual chord that included drawings by children, but not exclusively for children.



The posters had to be in five languages, and because the timeline and budget didn't allow for silk screening, I applied a transparency effect to the red type to simulate a screened "overprint" process.